Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Quick Masking Tutorial

Here is a super quick tutorial in stamping multiple images. I have been asked several time how to do this so hope some of you find this little guide helpful.

Step 1
Stamp the image you want in the foreground twice

Step 2

Cut out one of the images. You only need to cut out the relevant part.

Step 3

Add a strip of removable, repositional, tape on the back of the cut-out image. Place it on top of the duplicate main image so that it totally overlaps:

Step 4
Stamp your second image where you want it, on top of the cut-out

Step 5

Remove the cut-out leaving the main duplicate image exposed.

No excuse for not using your accessory stamps now :-)

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coldwaters2 said...

Great tutorial thank you must have ago at this.

Lorraine x

Merry said...

Great tut...thanks so much.

susan said...

Thanks so much for this! I always save my masks,too. Just because I'm lazy! LOL!

Leslie said...

Just a little idea for you all. If you are going to be coloring in your image, then using rubber cement as your mask works really well. It does add a very slight dinge of yellow to the image, but once you are done stamping, you just peel the rubber cement right off. Hope this helps. Just something to throw out there.
Hugs friends, Leslie

Angie said...

Super tutorial,
THis is so helpful for me,
I have only been stamping for a couple of months and read about doing this elsewhere but it didnt make sense then,
Thank you for making it nice and clear, will be trying this now,

Cheryl said...

i yse this technique a lot works great with the anne and tree stump too just love these stamps love cherylxxxx

Sheila said...

Great tut Karen, I use the ecilpse tape at the moment to mask with, but post it notes work great also.
Sheila xx

Sarah C said...

Thank you so much for this Karen. I'd been wondering how I was going to do it IYKWIM xx

Louly said...

Brilliant! Thanks for that Karen, I'll give it a go.♥

Nunt said...

Superb tutorial, this will definitely go to my bookmarks!

Thank you for sharing,

Ruth (ooffee) said...

Thanks Karen! After a bit of trial and error this is what I was doing - good to know I found the right technique! xx

Penni said...

Great tutorial Karen, thanks.
I use this technique, but with Post It Notes - You can also buy extra large Post It Notes at some stationary shops now too, great for when a "Post It" is not quite large enough.