Friday, 12 June 2009

Watch out!

There's a Fairy teen about the place!! I wonder if they are quite as stroppy as the un-winged kind!? Meet Rosebud Fairy. This little lady has dyed her delicate pink rose petals black, much to her parents disdain.

Rosebud is part of our new Pocket Faires collections, soon to be released:

My daughter didn't care much for the sentiment I chose, it didn't make sense to her (well she's only 12 and the hormones have only just started kicking in), so this morningI had to quickly make something else.

I apologise for the occasional glimpse of a foam pad, it looked alright in real life LOL

There will be more previews coming soon so watch out for those.

Thanks for visiting ♥


Nunt said...

*giggle* The original sentiment is hilarious :D But I can see why your daughter might not have understood or liked it :D I wish you endless patience with the coming years of teenage stress...


pinky said...

Brilliant lol. Showed this to my 16 year old daughter who has lots of harmones but no wings as yet! and she loved it. Praise for sure lol.

Cheryl said...

another great creation you are so brill at making these look so inviting to us avid carfters this is just great lots love cheryl xxxxx

Gunn (Merete) said...

This is perfect, I have to admitt this kit is one I really looking forward to have. It is so much fun to make.
The praise is perfect and so true :-D

susan said...

I can't wait to order these! Each one is prettier than the next!

Tracey said...

fantastic xxxxx

Lil Sis said...

Another gorgeous fairy image - the sentiment first time round was perfect - but I guess no teenager would like it, too close to the truth, bless.

Love how you have made the tree fantastic effect.

Beccy x

Jac said...

totally awesome and gorgeous, perfect sentiment for the image too! Really looking forward tothe launch of these. xx

Merry said...

I just love that saying.... I have a 13yo girl. ;-)
The stamp is wonderful but I love all the work in the tree.