Saturday, 13 June 2009

Double Pixie Treat

We have ditched the "Fairy" tag and replaced it with Pixie, well not completely ditched it but "intermingled". Can I just say again that they will be ready when they are ready and no amount of screaming and shouting will get them to you any quicker (ha ha), it will be at least another week before the digi-stamps are ready, perhaps even longer; but you can start planning your projects now.

Today I created a showcase comprising TWO of our enchanting pixies: Thistle and Daisy. I kept chopping off Thistle's top petals so there's a variety of pictures:

Here is the lovely Thistle:

... and this is Daisy

I designed a little toadstool for Lou's Daisy to sit on

Sorry if I post too many pictures, I take dozens and never happy with them LOL
Thanks for visiting, stay patient, and have a lovely Saturday.


Lil Sis said...

Fantastic card - Those images
are just getting better and better - I so cant wait they are way up there on the must have list.I'm gonna ask god to give me some patience but I need it now lol.

Beccy x

susan said...

These are fantastic! I know I have to wait but I am anxious anyway! LOL! The colors are wonderful and I love the mushroom. You can't show enough pictures as far as I'm concerned. I love seeing them.

Cheryl said...

wow these are just brill cant wait for them to become available love cheryl xxxxxxxxx

pinky said...

These cards are just stunning! I have another pic on my blog here using the charmed delectable stamps if you want it for the gallery. Hugs

Gunn (Merete) said...

These small litle cuties are getting better and better. And the card are amazing, I love the colors you used.They really makes you happy.
I am still looking forward to play whit them.

Merry said...

Stunning....just love your colouring.


These are just adorable, i just can't wait. At least another week??!! oh dear will have to be a patient a bit longer, mabye they will be released on my birthday the 20th!! hope so. Have a wonderful weekend, hugs Linda x


These images are beautiful(and so are your cards) - I will definitely be buying either the digis or the real life stamps.
Love, Sylvia xxx

Anonymous said...

They're just absolutely stunning!! Not sure I'll be able to resist these either!!

Vanessa. :)

Mandi said...

A WEEK!!! no fair
sulk sulk

these are the best fairies ive ever offence to any others

i cant wait for them to be released

mandi xx